Be Happy Calendar is a unique calendar, where on every day there is one good simple and lovely deed is written, which makes peoples day happier and motivates us to do small good deeds, which are very important. For example, the deed can be to thank someone, to give a hug or just to smile. Small things, which we easily forget.


Just follow our easy four steps and be happy throught the next year. Share it and let us to make people around the world more happier.

Make someone a special gift

Inspire her to make good deeds

Good deeds motivate others

People are more happier

Hundred of people are inspiring their friends and family with Be Happy Calendar

Its our honor to inspire thousands of families all over the world to notice something good on every day. The best Christmas gift for the most awesome friends and lovely family members is an inspiring Be Happy Calendar.

Be happy starting from today, start using Be Happy Calendar

It is easy to start, take our free digital calendar or print yourself a printable calendar. You can also order calendars from us with highest printing quality. Pick one of our design or order with your own photos.

thoughts from the founder

Inspiring people around the world to be happier.

Hello, my name is Rudolf-Gustav Hanni. I started looking for ways to bring happiness to people around me. My sister was an artist and her art inspired me to make a calendar, that would have good deeds on every day. It gained huge popularity in my hometown. Seven years from releasing my first calendar, I am publishing it for the first time to happiness seekers around the world. Join us on a mission to make the world smile!


Calendars are brought to you by inspiring young artists

Our desiners have worked hardly to brought you the calendars with best nordic style. Inspiring designs fit perfectly to your wall.

[qode_info_card image=”20366″ title=”Hans Markus Antson” text=”Hans Markus Antson is 21 years old boy, who collects knowledges about nature photography on daily basis. He lives 100% and enjoys every monent in the nature.”]

[qode_info_card image=”20286″ title=”Anne Hanni” text=”Anne Hanni is young artist, who works as a graph designer. She thinks that simplicity is the thing and he makes mostly art in nordic style.”]

[qode_info_card image=”20326″ title=”Elo Johanna Kuklane” text=”Elo Johanna Kuklane is a young mother and designer. She took a goal to make every child room more playful and inspiring by bringing minimalistic animals and happy deeds to the room.”]

[qode_info_card image=”20205″ title=”Design yourself a calendar” text=”You can be Be Happy Calendar artist. Chose your best 12 pictures about your adventures, powerful drowings or lovely family.”]

The one place to get inspiration on every day

With Be happy Calendar you will get…
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Share your happiness

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